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A: It looks like your hairline is receding.

B: Really? I recently changed job and have been doing a lot of overtime. Perhaps my hair has been falling out due to stress.

A: You should go and see a doctor for a check up and then you’ll know. It could be hereditary.

B: My mother and father both have full heads of hair, so it probably isn’t hereditary hair loss.

A: 你的髮線好像越來越高了?

B: 有嗎?我最近換了工作,常加班,不知道是不是因為壓力大導致掉髮。

A: 這還是要看醫生,檢查一下才知道吧。也有可能是遺傳。

B: 我爸媽頭髮都很多,應該不是遺傳的。

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