Tourists break into under-construction waterfall viewing platform to snap selfies 遊客施工期間硬闖尖石青蛙石步道

Tue, Oct 10, 2017 - Page 14

Jianshih Township office in Hsinchu County has installed a new hiking trail deep within a mountain forest valley at the famous local scenic spot Frog Rock. The walk includes a waterfall-viewing trail which features an approximately 6 meter-long glass viewing platform. However, although construction work is not yet finished, a large number of visitors to the area have forced their way into the construction site past construction hoardings to take a look around.

Jianshih Township office secretary Yeh Chang-cheng says inspection work is still ongoing and during this period the contractor is still in charge of managing the site. Yeh says the only solution is to improve access controls to the site and says he has already asked the contractor to erect warning signs and to advise tourists not to enter. Yeh added that if visitors to the area persist in forcing their way into the site and their actions lead to safety concerns or an altercation, the contractor will report trespassers to the police.

Jianshih Township office has called on visitors to put safety first and refrain from entering a dangerous construction site. The office says it expects the trail will be ready to accept visitors by mid-December and welcomes members of the public to visit once work is complete.

Jianshih Township Mayor Yun Tien-pao says he secured approximately NT$30 million of funding from central government to build the new trail, most of which uses a wooden boardwalk design. The walk is divided into two main sections: a waterfall-viewing trail and an ecological trail. The bulbous viewing platform at the end of the waterfall-viewing walk, which is shaped like a three-leaf clover and uses a suspended steel girder and glass design, takes its inspiration from viewing areas at popular scenic spots in other parts of the country. When standing on the platform, visitors will be able to look up in the direction of Frog Rock and take in the spectacular iridescent waterfall, while looking down through the clear glass they will get a clear view of the valley below.