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A: I spend most of my days off just recovering from the busy week.

B: Everybody I know is in the same boat. I could recommend changing jobs, but it will just be more of the same.

A: I think I must have been an aristocrat in a past life. I’m made for a life of leisure.

B: Stop complaining and get back to work.

A: 我平日工作太忙了,假日幾乎都只能用來休息,恢復體力。

B: 我認識的每一個人都跟你一樣。你可以考慮跳槽,可是跳槽以後情況還是會差不多。

A: 我想我上輩子一定是貴族。我天性適合過悠閒的生活。

B: 不要再抱怨了,趕快回去工作吧!

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