“Wanna One”— to visit Taiwan today and tomorrow 最強新人團 Wanna One 今明兩天首次登台

Fri, Oct 06, 2017 - Page 15

South Korean boy group “Wanna One” is holding two fan meetings today and tomorrow at the National Taiwan University (NTU) Sports Center in Taipei. Emerging from hit talent show “Produce 101,” the group has seen its popularity surge since it made its debut in early August.

After winning a dozen or so number ones on TV music programs and signing a number of commercial contracts in just a few weeks, “Wanna One” is now being hailed as the music industry‘s top new arrival. Originally, the group planned to hold its first fan meeting in Taiwan tomorrow but, with tickets sold out within a matter of minutes, the event organizer announced an additional show for today.

Among the 11 members of “Wanna One,” 15-year-old Taiwanese member Lai Kuan-lin is particularly popular, attracting numerous Taiwanese and South Korean fans. Lai is returning home for the first time after entering showbiz especially for the Taipei fan meetings.

(Liberty Times, translated by Eddy Chang)

南韓男子團體「Wanna One」,今、明兩天將在台北市的台大綜合體育館舉辦兩場粉絲見面會。該團出自人氣選秀節目「Produce 101」,在八月初出道後人氣就一路高漲。

「Wanna One」出道才幾週,就奪下十幾座音樂節目排行榜冠軍,也拿到多個廣告合約,獲封音樂界「最強新人團」!該團原先預計在明天首度來台開唱,所有門票三分鐘內火速賣光之後,主辦單位宣布加開今天的場次。

而在「Wanna One」十一位團員中,年僅十五歲的台灣成員賴冠霖挾帶高人氣深受歡迎,在台灣、南韓兩地吸引大批粉絲。這次台北見面會,也是他出道後首度回台。