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A: We need to leave the restaurant and there’s no staff around. What’s to stop us just walking out?

B: Morals and conscience. We’ll have to wait until someone gets back.

A: We’re going to miss the last train.

B: Well, work out how much we owe, and leave it on the table with a note and a tip.

A: 我們該走了,可是餐廳裡一個工作人員也沒有,為甚麼不乾脆就直接走人呢?

B: 因為我們有道德良知。我們應該要等工作人員回來。

A: 再不走就趕不上最後一班火車了。

B: 嗯,那就算算該付多少錢,把錢放桌上,再留張紙條和小費吧。

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