Rogue police officers incite friend to fabricate testimonial evidence 警員指使友人偽造筆錄

Tue, Sep 12, 2017 - Page 15

In order to boost their performance statistics, two police officers at Taipei City Police Department’s Zhongshan Precinct surnamed Huang and Tseng, on at least three occasions, incited a 45-year-old friend, surnamed Liang, who suffers from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), to assist in fabricating testimonial statements and providing fictitious signatures as well as fingerprints. The fabricated statements were then used by the police officers to file applications to judges to provide search warrants. The two officers have been given deferred prosecutions after pleading guilty to their crimes.

Taipei District Court last Tuesday found Liang guilty on three counts of forgery of official documentation and handed Liang a combined eight-month custodial sentence, which cannot be commuted to a fine.

According to the investigation, between the months of August and October last year, Huang and Tseng used three fabricated written testimonials of narcotics use to apply for search warrants from Taipei District Court. Judges discovered the named individuals on the testimonial evidence in fact had no knowledge of providing the testimonies, saw through the ruse and duly reported the crimes to Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)

台北市中山警分局黃姓、曾姓警員,為了「衝績效」,至少三次指使有「過動症」的四十五歲梁姓友人,協助製作假檢舉筆錄,再偽簽檢舉人姓名並按指紋,據以向法官聲請搜索票;兩位警員認罪獲緩起訴 。