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A: I fancy signing up for scuba diving lessons, would you be interested in coming along?

B: I can swim, but I’m not good at breathing between strokes, so maybe I’ll take a rain check.

A: But you can do the breaststroke, can’t you?

B: Yes, I can, but I have to keep my head up. If I put my head down into the water I start to panic.

A: 我想要去報潛水課程,你有興趣一起去嗎?

B: 我雖然會游泳,但不會換氣,所以還是算了。

A: 那你會游蛙式嗎?

B: 我只會游抬頭蛙。只要把頭潛到水裡我就會很緊張。

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