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A: Next month I’m going to Australia. I still haven’t decided whether to rent a car.

B: Australia’s sites are quite spread out. If you go to one of the national parks, it would probably be a lot more convenient to hire a car.

A: They drive on the left in Australia. I’m worried I won’t be able to get used to it.

B: Best thing to do is take the car to an open space after you’ve rented it out and have a practice.

A: 我下個月要去澳洲玩,很猶豫要不要租車。

B: 澳洲的景點比較分散,如果去國家公園的話,租車應該方便很多吧。

A: 但澳洲是右駕,我怕我開起來會不習慣。

B: 租了車以後最好先到空曠的地方好好練習一下。

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