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A: I applied for 20 jobs last month, but I haven’t received a single reply.

B: It’s normal not to receive any replies after just one month; be patient and continue waiting.

A: I really wish every company would notify unsuccessful candidates, so they can immediately start looking at other jobs.

B: Companies don’t have the time to reply to every applicant. In my experience, if you haven’t heard anything after two months, that means you weren’t successful.

A: 我上個月申請了二十個工作,一直到現在還是沒收到任何回音。

B: 等一個月沒有回音應該算是正常的吧,再耐心等等看吧。

A: 我真希望每間公司都會通知沒有被錄取的求職人,讓他們可以趕快繼續找別的工作。

B: 公司才沒有時間一一回覆呢。根據我自己的經驗,通常等兩個月沒有回音就是沒被錄取。

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