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A: Why don’t we go to Yilan this weekend?

B: Alright, but the scenic spots in Yilan are all rather spread out so it’s best to go by car.

A: We can rent a car. Do you have a license?

B: I do have one, but I’m not a very good driver, so I only feel comfortable driving on familiar roads. Maybe you should drive.

A: 這週末要不要一起去宜蘭玩?

B: 好啊。但宜蘭的景點比較分散,有車比較好。

A: 可以租車啊。你有駕照嗎?

B: 有是有,但我駕駛技術很差,只敢開比較熟悉的路。還是你開比較好吧?

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