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A: You can’t put clothes that you wash in mesh laundry bags into the tumble drier you know. You need to separate them from the rest of the washing.

B: I know, you’ve told me before.

A: Also, when you put socks into the laundry basket, please don’t pair them together or they won’t come out clean.

B: OK, I’ll try to remember.

A: 裝在洗衣袋的衣服都不能烘喔。烘衣服的時候要記得把它們拿出來。

B: 我知道啊,你有跟我說過。

A: 還有,你把襪子丟進洗衣籃的時候,不要把它們捲在一起,這樣會洗不乾淨。

B: 好,我會記得的。

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