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A: I plan to travel to Europe in September. Should I go on my own or with a tour group?

B: When in Europe I like to go with a tour group, so I can visit many countries in one go.

A: I was originally gong to go to Spain, Portugal, France and the UK by myself, but when I started planning I realized it’s much more complicated than I had first thought.

B: Yep, if you’re going on your own, it’s best not to do too many countries, or you’ll be exhausted.

A: 我九月想要去歐洲玩,但不知道要自助還是參團好。

B: 去歐洲的話我比較喜歡參團,這樣可以一次就輕輕鬆鬆去好幾個國家。

A: 我本來是打算要自助去西班牙、葡萄牙、法國和英國玩,但籌畫起來才發現比想像中複雜。

B: 對啊,如果自助的話,還是不要一次去太多國家,免得把自己累壞。

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