Increased algae causes Love River to turn white 藻類增生導致愛河變色

Wed, May 10, 2017 - Page 14

In recent years, there have been several instances where Kaohsiung’s Love River has changed color, which tends to happen during changes of seasons. On Wednesday last week the section of the river that runs from the Zihyou Bridge along Minzu Road in the city’s Zuoying District turned white, shocking many local residents, who originally thought it was caused by illegal dumping. Kaohsiung City Environmental Protection Bureau collected samples from the river and found no pollutants. Considering that the water was not polluted, and that there are no factories along the river in the area, the bureau concluded that the change of color must have been caused by increased algae in the river. By evening, the river had slowly begun changing back to its normal color.

According to the bureau, there are many algae and microorganisms in the river and certain weather conditions will cause some organisms to thrive. If the organism that is thriving causes water to turn white, the river will turn white. Likewise, if the thriving organism causes water to turn red, then the river will turn red.

Last year the bureau conducted a study on Love River’s algae and water quality in water near Minzu Bridge, Mingcheng Bridge and Jianguo Bridge and found as many as 40 species of algae in the water near Minzu Bridge.

(Liberty Times, translated by Tu Yu-an)