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A: Have you found all of the books on the list the teacher gave us?

B: Yes. You can find all of them in the campus bookstore or in the library.

A: The library has them, but only one copy, so it’s difficult to get hold of them.

B: I’ve already borrowed the book we need for class tomorrow, and am on my way to the photocopy shop to get a copy made. You want one?

A: 你有找到老師開的書單上所有的書嗎?

B: 有啊,所有的書都可以在學校書店或圖書館找到。

A: 我知道圖書館有,但圖書館都只有一本,很難借到。

B: 我有在圖書館借到明天上課要用的書,正打算拿到影印店去複印,要幫你印一份嗎?

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