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A: Last week I took a stray cat in, and now my house is infested with fleas.

B: You didn’t take it to the vets to get it dewormed first?

A: No. This is the first time I’ve ever taken a stray home, and I didn’t even think about getting it dewormed.

B: It’s really difficult to get rid of fleas. You’d best vacuum the floor every day for the next few days, and turn on the dehumidifier.

A: 我上禮拜撿了一隻流浪貓回家,結果現在家裡到處都是跳蚤。

B: 你沒有先帶牠到醫院去除蟲嗎?

A: 沒有,這是我第一次帶流浪動物回家,完全沒想到除蟲的問題。

B: 要徹底清除跳蚤還蠻麻煩的。你這幾天最好天天都要吸地,開除濕機。

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