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A: I saw the movie review you posted on Facebook. It was very well-written.

B: Thank you. I studied film at university, and I wrote a bunch of film reviews.

A: You should start a blog and publish them.

B: I did that some time ago, but after writing it for several years I was still getting very few visits, so I just gave up.

A: 我看到你在臉書上貼的影評了,寫得真是精彩。

B: 謝謝你。我大學念的是電影,從那時候就一直在寫影評了。

A: 你應該創一個部落格,公開發表這些影評的。

B: 我很久以前有做過,但寫了幾年,網站的點閱率一直很低,我就放棄了。

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