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A: It won’t stop raining. If it keeps up like this it’s going to flood.

B: I just saw a report saying the area around the lake has already flooded. This apartment building is on higher land, though, so it shouldn’t flood here.

A: You never know. It flooded here before when there was a typhoon. The cars in the underground car park were completely submerged.

B: If you’re worried, you should park the car on the street.

A: 雨一直下個不停,再這樣下去搞不好會淹水。

B: 我剛剛看到新聞說湖邊的區域已經淹水了。但我們這棟公寓地勢較高,應該不會淹。

A: 這很難講,這裡以前颱風來也淹過水,地下停車場的車子全部泡水。

B: 如果你擔心的話,不如把車子停到街上。

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