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A: That was a red light just then, didn’t you see that?

B: Yeah, I saw it, but there was nothing coming, and I was only turning right.

A: It doesn’t matter if there was nothing coming or if you were just doing a right turn, it’s still breaking the law. If you’d hit someone, there’s no way you’d get away with it.

B: Alright. Next time I won’t jump the light.

A: 剛剛明明是紅燈,你沒看到嗎?

B: 我有看到啊,但又沒車,而且我只是右轉。

A: 就算沒車,紅燈右轉一樣是違規。萬一撞到行人,刑責是逃不掉的。

B: 好啦,我下次不會再闖紅燈了。

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