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A: My home is on a main road so the traffic is really loud.

B: It must be affecting your sleep.

A: Yes, I often get woken up in the middle of the night or early in the morning by noisy scooters.

B: The government is cracking down on scooters with illegally installed exhausts right now, and this time they mean business. Hopefully the situation will improve.

A: 我家住在大馬路上,有車經過都聽得很清楚。

B: 這樣會影響到睡眠吧?

A: 對啊,我常常在大半夜或清晨被機車吵醒。

B: 政府現在取締違法改裝排氣管的機車比以前積極很多,希望情況會越來越好。

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