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A: Why did it take you so long to open the door?

B: Sorry. When I was drying my hair just now and some got stuck inside my hair dryer. It’s taken until now for me to extricate myself.

A: How on earth did that happen? How did you manage to get the hair out?

B: It took me half an hour. First I took apart the hair dryer, then slowly pulled the hair out.

A: 你怎麼隔了這麼久才來開門?

B: 抱歉,我在吹頭髮的時候,頭髮被卡進吹風機,一直到剛剛才脫困。

A: 怎麼會發生這種事?你怎麼把頭髮扯出來的?

B: 我花了半個多小時,先把吹風機解體,再把頭髮慢慢拉出來。

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