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A: Are you a Lionel Messi fan?

B: Huh? Who’s Lionel Messi?

A: Oh sorry, it’s just that I saw you wearing a Barcelona football shirt and the number on the back is the striker, Messi’s number.

B: Oh. Actually, I don’t watch football. I bought this at a night market.

A: 你是梅西的粉絲嗎?

B: 啊?梅西是誰?

A: 喔,抱歉,我只是看到你穿著巴塞隆納足球隊的球衣,背上還有他們的前鋒梅西的號碼。

B: 喔,其實我沒有在看足球,這件衣服是我在夜市買的。

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