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A: Do you have a favorite painter?

B: That’s a really difficult question to answer. There are a lot of painters I like, but the one I’m most into lately is Mondrian.

A: Mondrian? His paintings just look like colored-in Excel spreadsheets.

B: You only see the grid. What I see is the rhythmic variation.

A: 你有最喜歡的畫家嗎?

B: 這還真是不好回答,我喜歡的畫家有很多,但最近最迷的應該是蒙德里安吧。

A: 蒙德里安?他的畫看起來就像上色的excel表格。

B: 你只看到表格,我看到的可是繽紛的節奏。

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