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A: Yeah! The baseball team I support just won — and they won the game seven-two.

B: Having won by such a large margin, your team must have been a much stronger side.

A: Actually, both are strong teams. At the start the opposing team was in the lead, right up until the final innings when my team turned it around.

B: It sounds like a gripping game, I must watch the replay.

A: 太好了,我支持的棒球隊贏了,而且是七比二大勝。

B: 比分這麼懸殊,實力一定是遙遙領先敵手。

A: 其實兩支隊伍都很強,而且起初還是敵隊領先,直到最後一局才逆轉的。

B: 聽起來很精采,我一定要看重播。

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