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A: There’s someone at work I’m interested in. I need to think of some way to get them to notice me.

B: So, invite them out and pick them up in a hired Porsche.

A: Yeah, and for the second date I’ll give them a lift on my bicycle.

B: Well, you’ll find out how materialistic they are.

A: 我在公司有個心儀的對象。我要想個辦法讓對方注意到我才行。

B: 就邀請他一起出遊,然後租個保時捷去接他啊。

A: 是啊,然後下一次約會就騎腳踏車去載他。

B: 這個嘛,正好測試一下對方有多拜金啊。

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