Staff threatens manager with news report on gas station fire 加油站員工傳縱火新聞恐嚇主管

Tue, Jun 21, 2016 - Page 11

A 36-year old man surnamed Huang working at a chain gas station in New Taipei City’s Yingge district had a dispute with his manager over salary. On the morning of January 9, Huang sent his manager, surnamed Fan, a Line message including a link to a news report about a gas station fire set by its employee, together with the comment “so I am afraid I might do this if I’m pushed too far.” The manager felt intimidated and decided to report it to the police and press charges.

New Taipei District Court found Huang guilty of threatening to endanger the safety of others, sentencing him to imprisonment for 55 days – which may be commuted to a fine of NT$55,000 – and three years of probation and an additional fine of NT$40,000 to be paid to the government. Huang can appeal.

According to the court, Huang believed the station manager was deliberately giving him a hard time by looking for reasons to fire him and not giving him permission to take sick leave, and when he received a legal attest letter from the company he lost his temper and sent the news link to his station manager. The judge did not think the fact that he was provoked in the first place was sufficient reason to absolve him, but allowed him probation on the grounds that he no longer worked at the gas station and would have learned his lesson by the end of the investigation and trial.