Two brothers fulfill their mother’s dying wish with exhibition of her paintings 母癌逝留畫作 子辦個展圓遺願

Tue, May 03, 2016 - Page 11

“Although our mother is no longer with us, we have been able to fulfill her dying wish by organizing a solo exhibition of her paintings, and express our gratitude for the way she lovingly raised us when we were children.” Lu Chi-li, who founded Grandmother Lee’s Northern Noodle Shop in Chiayi City, was a keen painter for many years. The year before, Lu passed away after contracting cancer. In order to complete their mother’s unfulfilled wish, Lu’s two sons spent nearly two years preparing an exhibition of 24 of Lu’s Chinese landscape paintings, which will be held around Mother’s Day this year at the Changching Garden day care center in Chiayi City.

Lu’s eldest son, Ma Te-yu, says his mother was a talented cook who had to fulfill the role of substitute father figure while also taking care of the family. Ten years ago Lu finally had time to devote to herself and returned to her childhood hobby of going to the local cultural center and Changching Garden to take lessons in Chinese painting from Teacher Lu Ching-an and others. My mother picked up her brushes again and through painting was able to find enjoyment from life, says Ma. Her Chinese painting, which included landscapes and paintings of flowers and plants, won approval for their unique and original style.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)