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A: I just ran into a flasher at the school main entrance.

B: Really? Are you OK? Did you call the police?

A: I’m fine. I have no mobile phone so I can’t call the cops. Could you call them for me? He was wearing a big dark coat and a motorcycle helmet, so I couldn’t see his face.

B: OK. I’m calling now. Just talk to them with mine.

A: 我剛剛在校門口遇到一個暴露狂。

B: 是喔。你沒事吧?有報警嗎?

A: 我沒事。我沒有手機可以報警。你可以幫我報嗎?他穿著黑色大衣,頭戴安全帽,看不清楚臉。

B: 好。我現在就打,用我的手機直接向警察敘述。

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