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A: My current phone is a 3G handset, the Internet is so slow. I’m thinking of changing to one that supports 4G.

B: 4G is certainly faster, but you can’t get 4G network speeds in every location.

A: I know, you must be in an area that has 4G coverage.

B: Also, you need to check whether nearby landscape or buildings will block the network signal.

A: 我現在這個手機是3G的,行動上網很慢。我想換個支援4G的。

B: 4G是比較快,但不是所有地方都有4G的網速喔。

A: 我知道啊,要在4G網路涵蓋範圍裡才有。

B: 而且還要看附近的地形和建物會不會遮蔽網路訊號。

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