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A : The company is performing rather well at the moment. By the end of the year we should be able to reach this year’s turnover target.

B : Fantastic. Let’s see whether the boss will give us a proper pay raise.

A : I can’t guarantee that, but if we reach the target we should get a bonus.

B : Better something than nothing. Let’s go for it, get stuck in and push for more business.

A : 公司目前為止績效都不錯,看來年底有機會達成今年的營業額目標喔。

B : 能夠那樣就太好了,看老闆會不會幫我們全面調薪。

A : 如果真達成的話,全面調薪我不敢保證,但獎金應該是確定會有的。

B : 沒魚蝦也好,衝著這點,大家再加把勁拼業績吧。

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