Sat, Jul 26, 2014 - Page 2

A : I’ve got class again today.

B : Oh, that’s right. You’re taking that test to get certified next month. How are your studies coming along?

A : Don’t ask. Every day, if I’m not working, I’m studying. I crash as soon as I get home. I really doubt I’m retaining much. There’s so much pressure.

B : Hang in there. As soon as you’re done with the test you’ll be scot-free.

A : 今天又要去補習了。

B : 對喔!你下個月要考證照,書唸得怎麼樣?

A : 別提了,每天不是上班就是補習,回到家都累垮了,真懷疑能記得住多少,壓力超大的!

B : 再忍耐一下,考完就海闊天空了。