France bans work e-mail after 6pm 法國禁止晚上六點後處理公務電子郵件

Thu, May 01, 2014 - Page 10

France has long been seen as something of a paradise when it comes to labor rights, with its 35-hour week, long lunches and generous holidays.

Now, a new legally binding agreement effectively banning workers from after-hours work e-mails could be the icing on the gateau (cake).

The deal signed between employers’ federations and unions representing workers in the digital and consultancy fields stipulates that employees should switch off work e-mails after 6pm and employers must not pressure them to be electronically available after this time.

Employees will no longer check their work-related e-mail before 9am or after 6pm, according to the agreement. The deal upholds the spirit of the 35-hour work week that France implemented in 1999.

One million employees in the tech and consulting sectors will be covered by the new rule, the Guardian reports, including workers at the French offices of Google and Facebook.

(Liberty Times)