Wed, Mar 19, 2014 - Page 2

A : Every single e-mail that I’ve sent out today has bounced back.

B : The IT people are trying to get to the bottom of it. It seems some of our e-mails were reported as junk mail.

A : What a bother. How am I supposed to get in touch with my clients?

B : For now, all you can do is use the phone or text messaging.

A : 今天所有寄出的e-mail都被退信了!

B : IT人員正在釐清原因中,似乎是我們某些信件被檢舉為垃圾信。

A : 這下麻煩了,我要怎麼跟客戶連絡?

B : 暫時只能用電話和簡訊。