Man searches for a wife using sign on his BMW and Hummer 男子在BMW與悍馬車上掛徵婚牌子

Sat, Mar 15, 2014 - Page 11

Alexander Gorbunov, a 38-year-old, single man from Hollywood, Florida is looking for a wife. He decided to take a less traditional approach to finding his true love, however, and placed handwritten signs on the back of his two cars, a BMW and a Hummer, hoping to attract Ms Right. The signs read: “Looking for a Wife,” and include his phone number.

The attention that the flashy cars draw and the bright eye-catching signs have Alex fielding 15 to 20 calls a day, along with text messages and photos. Because images of the sign have been posted on Facebook, the Casanova who moved to the US four years ago from Russia, is contacted by people all over the country and the world with messages from California, Michigan, France, China, and Brazil.

According to the Miami Herald, Alex first put up his signs in late 2012, because he liked to serve as a matchmaker for his friends and family. The effort worked and he was able to set up his uncle, Michael Korol with a woman named Erika Santos, who called the advertised number.

(Liberty Times)