Fri, Mar 14, 2014 - Page 2

A : You met with that company owner yesterday. How did it go?

B : He was dressed like a kid. I almost mistook him for an intern.

A : A lot of bosses are quite young. You can’t tell what they do by looking at them.

B : Although I nearly mistook him for someone else, I was still very polite to him and the entire staff and never treated anyone unfairly. Otherwise, we’d be out of business.

A : 你昨天約了一個公司老闆談生意,談得如何?

B : 他穿得像小弟,我還以為他是工讀生。

A : 很多老闆都很年輕,從外表看不出來。

B : 雖然差一點認錯,不過我對他們公司的人都很客氣,沒有大小眼,不然生意也別做了。