Cities debate replacing castle towers with original wooden versions 日本城市辯論以原始木造建築取代天守閣

Wed, Mar 05, 2014 - Page 10

Municipalities hosting ancient castles around Japan are under siege as aging castle towers restored in the post-World War II economic boom are in desperate need of replacement or refurbishment.

While some localities are ready to renovate existing concrete castle towers, others are hoping to fund the much pricier recreation of the wooden structures that originally stood long ago.

During his campaign for Nagoya mayor in 2009, Mayor Takashi Kawamura vowed to replace the concrete main tower of the city’s landmark Nagoya Castle with a more authentic wooden structure.

“We should replace the tower with something we will be proud of,” Kawamura said.

Nagoya Castle, originally built in the early Edo Period ((1603-1867), was restored in 1959 after being destroyed by fire in an air raid by US bombers in May 1945.

(Liberty Times)