Thu, Feb 13, 2014 - Page 2

A : How’s your project proposal coming along?

B : Terrible. The boss was really dissatisfied with the presentation yesterday, and he even showed me other employee’s proposals as a reference.

A : Maybe it’s not that bad. At least you’re clearer about exactly what he wants now.

B : You’re really something. Hearing you say that actually makes me feel a lot better.

A : 你的企劃案怎麼樣了?

B : 糟透了,昨天的提報主管不滿意,他甚至還拿出其他同事的企劃案要我參考。

A : 或許沒這麼糟,至少你更明確的知道主管想要什麼了。

B : 真有你的!聽你這麼說我好多了。