Sun, Feb 09, 2014 - Page 2

A : Is the “management trainee” in recruitment ads really for companies looking to hire future managers?

B : Actually, these days, not really. They just use the name because it looks good.

A : So what does a management trainee actually do?

B : Depends on the industry. Usually they’re entry-level jobs in customer service or sales.

A : 徵才廣告上的「儲備幹部」,真的是在招募公司未來的幹部嗎?

B : 現在很多都不是了,他們只是打著儲備幹部的美名。

A : 所以實際上儲備幹部的工作是什麼?

B : 要看產業而定,但一般不脫離門市客服或業務開發的第一線工作。