Solitary seniors write spring couplets for volunteers 百老揮毫感恩 送愛心民眾

Sat, Jan 25, 2014 - Page 11

With the Lunar New Year just days away, many charity organizations and local district offices are busy preparing winter relief and Lunar New Year dinners for disadvantaged families and solitary seniors. The Huashan Social Welfare Foundation and the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation arranged a calligraphy event in Greater Taichung on Jan. 14 for 100 solitary seniors to wield calligraphy brushes to express their gratitude for the long-term care they have received from these concerned individuals. The works will be randomly given out to the volunteers.

The foundations wanted to show their appreciation to volunteers for the long-term care administered to seniors living alone. A hundred solitary seniors were invited to attend the calligraphy event and take up the brush to write spring couplets (chunlian) for the volunteers. One 77-year-old senior surnamed Chang who lives alone said that he lacks the means to return the favor and therefore wanted to write spring couplets to wish them prosperity and thank everyone for their contributions and concern.

On the same day, the Quan Cheng Social Welfare Foundation held a Lunar New Year dinner for 250 disadvantaged seniors and families with members who have physical disabilities. All donations for the event were acquired from a public fundraiser on the Internet, and what the foundation found most touching was how students from as far away as class 203 from Greater Tainan’s Yuwen Elementary used NT$10,000 leftover from its class activity fund to buy knit caps, gloves and scarves for the foundation. Nieh Yu-mei, chairperson of the foundation, joined the volunteers in helping the elders wear the donated items.

Leh Cherng Temple in Greater Taichung’s Eastern District also held its “winter warmth” event on Jan. 14, giving away commodities and NT$2,000 in cash to poor families, with 300 families receiving donations in all. The temple says that every year it holds the event and that this year it mostly consisted of disadvantaged families living in the Eastern District. Each family was given NT$2,000 in cash and commodities like white rice and salad dressing in hopes of helping destitute families make it through the bitter winter months.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)