Thu, Jan 23, 2014 - Page 2

A : Why do we need to attend this meeting?

B : Because the company is releasing a new product. They are going to have the developers explain all of product’s features to the sales department.

A : That’s great. It helps us convince customers to buy it if we really understand the product’s competitive edge.

B : Be sure to get the file for the briefing from them so we can show the customers.

A : 為什麼我們必要參加這場會議?

B : 因為公司將推出一項新產品,特地請開發人員跟業務部門說明產品特性。

A : 那太好了,如果能了解產品優勢,有助我們說服客戶採購。

B : 記得跟他們索取簡報電子檔,我們也能秀給客戶看喔。