Thu, Jan 16, 2014 - Page 2

A : Why is it that so many people are no good at giving presentations in meetings?

B : Because they’re too preoccupied with the presentation’s content, totally ignoring how they present it.

A : What do you mean?

B : It’s always hard to remember what the person giving the presentation said, but we never forget whether they were confident and interesting.

A : 很多人不擅長會議簡報,原因是什麼?

B : 他們太注重簡報的內容,而忽略了簡報的方式。

A : 這是什麼意思?

B : 我們很難記得簡報者說過什麼話,但對於他簡報時是否自信、風趣卻印象深刻。