Survey shows growth still not helping poor Africans 調查指經濟成長仍無助貧窮的非洲人

Sat, Dec 28, 2013 - Page 10

Poor Africans say they are still not benefiting from the continent’s economic rise, according to a landmark survey of citizens across 34 countries released on Oct. 1.

Despite some of the world’s highest economic growth rates, many Africans still report shortages of water, food, healthcare and cash according to an Afrobarometer survey of over 50,000 people.

“Meeting their basic daily needs remains a major challenge for a majority of Africans, even at a time when their countries are reporting impressive economic gains,” the survey found.

The continent’s economy is expected to grow by almost five percent this year.

Half of survey respondents, however, said they occasionally lacked food, clean water, and medicine. One in five said they face frequent shortages.

People were poorer in areas where government spending on basic infrastructure lagged, the survey found.

“The data show significant correlations between access to electrical grids, piped water, and other basic services in communities and lower levels of lived poverty.”

Low education levels also had a big influence on poverty.