Fri, Dec 27, 2013 - Page 2

A : The switchboard is the greatest obstacle for a salesperson visiting potential clients.

B : Yeah, it’s part of an operator’s job to block visitors who don’t have appointments.

A : Therefore, it’s really important to check a client’s background. Your chances of a meeting increase if you know the client’s name and position.

B : It’s also useful to visit more than once so the operator gets to know you.

A : 對進行陌生拜訪的業務員來說,總機是最難突破的一關。

B : 是啊,因為總機的工作之一,就是擋下未預約的來訪者。

A : 所以客戶的背景調查很重要,如果能直接叫出客戶職稱姓名,見面的機會也就比較大。

B : 多拜訪幾次,讓總機熟悉你的存在也很有用!