Wed, Dec 18, 2013 - Page 2

A : I don’t understand why people send out e-mail spam. Do people really read it?

B : Actually, I do.

A : What? Don’t you think it’s irritating to have your mailbox flooded with junk mail?

B : You never know. There could be some useful information in there. Some treasures in the trash.

A : 真搞不懂,為什麼有人要寄垃圾廣告信,難道真的有人會看嗎?

B : 事實上,我看耶。

A : 天啊!你不覺得每天被這些信件塞爆信箱很困擾嗎?

B : 說不定會有一些有用的資訊,垃圾裡也可能挖出黃金的。