Sun, Dec 08, 2013 - Page 2

A : I’m planning on traveling abroad before the year’s end. Do you have any good suggestions?

B : Is there any place in particular that you like?

A : Nope. Just as long as I can relax as much as possible I’m good.

B : I suggest an island nation then. The boundless ocean can really be quite relaxing.

A : 我計畫在今年結束前出國旅遊,你有沒有什麼好的建議?

B : 你有特別喜好的地方嗎?

A : 沒有耶!只要能讓我盡情放鬆就好了。

B : 那我很推薦海島國家,無際的海邊真的很適合放鬆。