Wed, Nov 13, 2013 - Page 2

A : Hello Mr. Hsieh. This is Brody Publishing. Today’s your first day of work.

B : I’m so sorry. I eventually found another job, so I won’t be coming in.

A : Why didn’t you notify us ahead of time? This is quite a bother for us.

B : I tried calling you many times, but no one answered.

A : 謝先生您好,這裡是B出版社,今天是你報到的第一天喔。

B : 真是抱歉,我後來找到其他工作,所以不過去了。

A : 為什麼事前不通知?這讓我們很困擾!

B : 我撥過好幾次電話,但都沒有人接。