Wed, Nov 06, 2013 - Page 2

A : Someone told me that we’re not supposed to cc e-mails written to the boss if the person’s position is junior to the boss.

B : Why not?

A : It’s disrespectful to the boss

B : I disagree. The purpose of cc e-mails is to share information with people who need to know, which has nothing to do with whether their position is senior to the boss.

A : 有人說,寄信給主管時,不該把職位比他低的同仁列在副本中。

B : 為什麼不?

A : 這樣對主管不尊重。

B : 我不同意,副本的用意在於通知你認為需要知道這封信資訊的人,而他們的職位不見得都比主管高。