Thu, Oct 24, 2013 - Page 2

A : I understand why you’d want to renovate the kitchen. It is quite spacious, but everything is really old.

B : Yeah. I’m leaning toward buying energy-efficient kitchenware, even though it costs more.

A : If you care that much about being green, you should consider wooden countertops.

B : Will wooden countertops be harder to take care of?

A : 我能明白為什麼你會想要改裝廚房,這空間非常寬敞,但東西都過時了。

B : 對啊,我會比較嚮往採購節能的新設備,雖然比較貴。

A : 如果很注重環保的話,可以考慮木製的檯面。

B : 木製的檯面會不會比較難保養呢?