Wed, Oct 09, 2013 - Page 2

A : Hello. Since your articles are so popular among readers, we’d like to ask if we could repost them.

B : I appreciate your Web site’s interest. Go ahead and repost the articles on cooking, but I would like to keep the rest exclusive.

A : That’s wonderful.

B : Please remember to put the link to my blog at the end of the articles. Thanks.

A : 您好,由於您的文章非常受讀者們的喜愛,我們想詢問可否轉載文章。

B : 感謝貴網站的青睞,我想你們可以先轉載美食文章,其它我想有所保留。

A : 那真是太好了!

B : 請記得在文末附上我的部落格連結,謝謝。