Fri, Sep 27, 2013 - Page 2

A : Do your best to find out everything you can about a customer’s hobbies, needs and financial situation before visiting them.

B : Besides that, is there anything else to prepare?

A : You could also set the goals you’d like to attain before the visit.

B : Thanks for your suggestions. I think I’ll also bring some product info and samples.

A : 拜訪客戶前盡可能詳盡瞭解對方喜好、需求、財務狀況等。

B : 除此之外,還需要哪些事前準備嗎?

A : 不妨先設定你此次拜訪想要達成的目標。

B : 謝謝你的建議,我想另外攜帶產品介紹資料與樣品。