Business English

Wed, Sep 25, 2013 - Page 2

A : Hello Mr Chu. Can we do the telephone interview now?

B : Can you call me back in five minutes? I need to look over the fax you sent me about the interview first.

A : OK. I also e-mailed you a form that I need you to fill out and send back to me.

B : I received it. I’ll send it back to you after the interview.

A : 朱先生您好,我們現在可以進行電話採訪嗎?

B : 能請你過五分鐘後打來嗎?我先看一下你傳真過來的採訪內容。

A : 可以,同時我有Mail給您需要回填的資料。

B : 我有收到,電訪之後會回覆給你。